Our top books

We love to read!

We are delighted to share with you books from people we respect and books we feel will help enable you to optimise your body and minds performance.

BOOK 1. OWN THE DAY, OWN YOUR LIFE. BY AUBREY MARCUS. (Click picture above to view on amazon)

This book is a real game changer and was for us too, having followed Aubrey on social media for some time we felt the guy just really stuck out and has life pretty much figured out.

The book will give you some guidelines about going about the perfect day from hydration first thing in the morning to sex and sleep last thing at night.

There are a lot of great nuggets such as the morning mineral cocktail in here and having followed the guidelines in the book almost since its release we really can say that this book could be the key to finally owning your life!



(Click picture above to view on amazon)

In this book Max not only lists in great detail the benefits in certain super foods such as avocado, blueberries and even dark chocolate but he also share with each food a story on how to ensure you are getting the right stuff and even how to tell if you are getting a “good” extra virgin olive oil.

This book will teach you how to look after your brain starting now and going into your later years to help protect against aging brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. A much read for anyone conscious of their health and what they eat. For our blog on snacking for brain health click here.