5 Week intensive fitness coming soon!

HELL YES WE HAVE GONE AND DONE IT! We have put together a 5 week intensive training programme including 2 sessions with us at the king George pitches in Wishaw twice a week (Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30pm). These sessions are starting on Wednesday the 26th of September and are aimed and getting the… Continue reading 5 Week intensive fitness coming soon!


Snack for brain health

Brain health! It matters!! And we have some great snack foods that can help, all of these can be mixed together, thrown in with yoghurt or blended to bring you some food for your brain!   1. Blueberries Blueberries are perhaps one of the most beneficial brain foods (and tasty as hell). Rich in antioxidants,… Continue reading Snack for brain health

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Wishaw outdoor boot camp is now live!!

So, after all the organisation and preparation we finally had our first session in Wishaw last night! The tribe were absolutely phenomenal, what a great bunch of people. Some that we already knew from previous fitness classes and lots of newbie looking to get themselves not just in shape but performing at a higher level… Continue reading Wishaw outdoor boot camp is now live!!

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Creating your very own hybrid beach ready body!

Tesla's are great right? However everyone still loves to feel that petrol flow through the car! Our bodies are the same, this of your carbohydrates as the quick boosting fuel you need in your body for explosive tasks such as sports or working out, think of these carbohydrates as your bodies equivalent of petrol allowing… Continue reading Creating your very own hybrid beach ready body!

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Core24 Academy **Coming Soon**

We have decided to put together a completely free Facebook group to help you guys understand the very basic principles of exercise form and nutrition. There will be regular posts helping you understand everything from performing the perfect push up to ensuring you are eating well throughout the day. We are excited to offer this… Continue reading Core24 Academy **Coming Soon**