5 Week intensive fitness coming soon!



We have put together a 5 week intensive training programme including 2 sessions with us at the king George pitches in Wishaw twice a week (Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30pm).

These sessions are starting on Wednesday the 26th of September and are aimed and getting the very best out of you, They will be difficult, they will push you hard. However, you will get results!

I know what some of you are thinking, “TWO SESSIONS PER WEEK? THAT ISNT VERY INTENSIVE!”, your right and that’s why you will get a copy of another 1-3 home workouts per week to do on your own! These lone sessions will not be as intense as the sessions done with the group but will help you keep up with the pace.

ALSO, what will be included is a basic meal planning kit to help keep you strong as if you don’t eat well and prepare well you wont get the results you want.

The closing date to register for this will be Sunday the 16th of September and there are only 10 spaces available for this trial run.

The other benefits of being involved in the trial run? You get this full package for just £15!!

Going forward when we are finished trialling this and have it right this will be a £50, 5 week programme open to a maximum of just 40 people, don’t think you will be getting a diluted version of this. I will be putting everything I have into getting you guys results on this programme!

To secure your space simply click here below and make your £15 payment via PayPal making the subject (5 week programme and your name).

See you all soon!!


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