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Creating your very own hybrid beach ready body!

Tesla’s are great right? However everyone still loves to feel that petrol flow through the car!

Our bodies are the same, this of your carbohydrates as the quick boosting fuel you need in your body for explosive tasks such as sports or working out, think of these carbohydrates as your bodies equivalent of petrol allowing your engine to rev and roar like a supercharged muscle car.

Then think of the fats in your diet as that electric engine keeping everything running nice and economical preserving power to allow that engine to wait until the petrol is added to the mix before revving its head off and tearing up tarmac!

It is not really difficult at all for our bodies to run like a hybrid Lexus, all we have to do is train it to use the fuel we want it to when we need it.

Benefits of using fat as fuel:

  • If our bodies learn to burn fat as fuel then guess what? We can use that to trim our waistline and start shedding pounds. We are all finally coming round to the fact that FAT DOES NOT MAKE US FAT, sugar and too many calories are making us fat. So don’t be afraid to add some healthy fats into your diet.
  • Most of us have plenty of fat in our bodies meaning that we already have a shit tonne of fuel in there too, let your body use it to fuel your day and help you perform.
  • Benefits of using carbohydrates as fuel:
    • Not only does our body like to use carbohydrates to fuel itself and run like a dream but so does our brain, our brains actually rely on certain sugars to perform at an optimal level (calm down there junior, its not time to reach for the candy bars just yet!)
      I feel carbohydrates are a more explosive fuel (for me personally), I have never gone into full ketosis before and can assure you I will try it for a while in the near future, therefore I will possibly have to reserve judgement just slightly here, however in my eyes carbohydrates seem much more readily available to my body when I need energy.


    Fat comes from many sources but here is a quick list of the best places to get it.

    • Grass fed beef
    • Extra virgin olive oil
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Fresh ocean caught fish
    • Fish and krill oils
    • Dress range eggs
    • Avocado
  • This is where it is a little more interesting for most, this is where you would be told to stop eating potatoes, rice and bread, right?
  • Well, this is where the hybrid part comes in, I eat mostly fats and proteins during the day to allow my body to use that as fuel through the day and even as fuel for my workout to help trim even more fat from these bones.
  • Then my evening meal will be when I indulge on some of the following sweet sweet carbs:
    • Potatoes (with grass fed butter mixed in for fats and flavaaaaa)
      Sourdough bread (with grass fed butter, there’s a theme here!)
      Rice (I like some spices mixed in for flavour)
      Sweet potato wedges are a favourite of mines

    There you have it, how to turn your body into not just a hybrid, but a lean mean 700 horse power hybrid!

    I hope this helps you guys find a method that works for you as well as it has worked for me.

    Charlie x

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