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The benefits of intermittent fasting!

Having listened to people like Joe Rogan talk on his podcast about intermittent fasting and the benefits of it I felt the need to delve into it more firstly by reading more about the benefits and secondly be trying it on for size by doing a 4 day trial of 14 hour intermittent fasting with a 10 hour feeding window! I stopped eating at 8pm in the evening and started eating again he following day at 10am

So, what did I read about intermittent fasting?:

  1. It can help with concentration and mood
  2. It can help turn on the bodies abilities to use fat as fuel due to prolonged periods of no food
  3. Weight loss
  4. A reduction in insulin resistance
  5. There may be benefits to heart health although unconfirmed
  6. Human growth hormone levels may increase as much as 5 times helping burn fat and build muscle
  7. A reduction in inflammation in the body
  8. It helps rid the body of toxins due to a waste removal process called Autophagy
  9. Several studies have shown intermittent fasting may help the growth of new nerve cells which should have benefits to brain function
  10. Unconfirmed reports that it could help you live longer, studies with rats show that rats that fasted every other day had an increased lifespan of 83%, although very far from being proven in humans the various other confirmed benefits would make sense to longer living.
  • So having now read all of these different benefits and many more I thought, what the hell! Let’s give it a go!
  • Starting weight 11st 1lbs
  • Starting bodyfat 15.1%
  • At the end of my four days my weight actually went up a tiny 0.6lbs which is what I was hoping for and my bodyfat went down to 13% my abs are slowly becoming more defined and the only thing I changed was my eating window.
  • I feel much sharper, the first night I struggled for sleep due to hunger and for some reason my mind being in overdrive, the following days this eased and I felt great throughout the day, I already feel a little sharper and more energetic too!
  • All in all I would definitely advise trying some kind of intermittent fasting and see how it feels for you! 14 hours seems a reasonable way to go and feels like it’s going to be something I keep within my lifestyle.
  • Have a great day!
  • Charlie

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