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The benefits of cold showers!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr ❄️

The cold is never a feeling we like to this no about in the morning, especially after leaving the nice warmth of our bed!

However there are so many benefits to ending your morning shower with 3-4 minutes of cold water exposure that we now feel it is a MUST to start our day off in the right way!

So…… why are cold water showers so good?

Well there are so many benefits that we will simply list our top 3 and let you guys experience the rest by trying it!

  1. There are different types of stress, some good and some bad! The easiest way to think of these are the bad stresses are ones that cause anxiety and we struggle to control such as money worries and a loved ones health, then there are things like working out or throwing freezing cold water all over our bodies! We all inevitably have bad stress take over our lives from time to time, THATS LIFE! However if we choose to force ourselves into good stressful situations that we can control and really push ourselves out our comfort zone in a good way that deflects from the bad stresses of the day and helps reduce that anxiety!
  2. It awakens our bodies and helps build mental resolve, think about it! You have to be one of two things to get your ass out of bed each morning and get into a cold shower, crazy or disciplined and you can build that discipline and mentality over time by staying in the shower longer and longer each time until you reach the desired 3-4 minutes each day!!
  3. It helps to reduce inflammation in the body and speeds up recovery from muscle soreness, inflammation in the body is a horrible feeling it can make you look and feel bloated, it can cause muscle and joint pain and basically it’s just not a nice feeling, Work your way up to the full 3-4 minutes and we promise you will not just feel but you will see the benefits of cold exposure!

We hope this inspires you or a friend to try this and we would love to hear how you guys feel about it after a few days!

Please let us know on social media on our Facebook page or Charlie or Lisa’s Instagram pages!

Have a great day!

Lisa and Charlie x

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