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Fatten up your diet to manage your weight and health!

We have all either heard it or said it ourselves!

Cut out fatty foods if you are trying to lose weight!

However what we have began to see and believe is having more fat in our diets and less sugar is actually the key.

Protein speaks for itself and is a vital nutrient our body needs (that doesn’t mean we need 100g in every meal though!).

Where the trouble seems to lie is between carbs and fats, most people tend to believe and practice getting more carbohydrates than fats or just cutting out carbohydrates and fats altogether!

What we have began to do is look at what we are having in our diet (our herbalife meal replacement shakes pretty much take care of themselves).

We are now really focussing on balancing our meals out where we almost have equal portions of everything (protein, carbs and fats).

Most people we speak to have a very carb heavy diet waking up in the morning and having cereal, porridge or toast then moving onto crisps, bread etc throughout the day up until dinner where MAYBE they have something a little more balanced, or they will just pile even more carbohydrates on top with a pasta or rice etc.

What we now do is definitely not very scientific (anyone who knows is personally knows complicated shot doesn’t work with us!) we try and get 1/3 of our diet with protein, 1/3 carbohydrates and 1/3 healthy fats! We do not weigh our foods out (big respect to you if you have the patience to do so) we simple look at what good fats we can get on the plate along with our carbohydrates and proteins.

What this forces to happen is normally our carbohydrate portion gets smaller to fit in the fits (unless we are feeling greedy) and carbohydrates simplest form is intact sugar.

Here is a few interesting facts about sugar:

  • Our bodies love and crave it due to the reaction it has with our brains
  • When we take in sugar or carbohydrates we actually begin to crave more
  • When we take in too much sugar it is pulled out of the bloodstream and stored for energy, if we do not use that energy it then becomes fat!

Interesting huh?

Carbohydrates are a great source of quick energy and we would highly recommend them for anyone who is training really hard and suffering a slump but try and stick to carbs that are wholegrain or stick to vegetables if possible

However what isn’t quite as common knowledge is that fats are also a great source of energy and is released much slower and lasts longer therefore guarding against the normal daily slump we can have!

Fats are also very important to absorb minerals and vitamins so if you take a multivitamin make sure it’s i good level and have some fats in your meals to get the best effects! Try and stick to fats that come on meats or from things like avocados, nuts and seeds.

For our list of go to breakfasts click here.

Hope this helps guys!

Lisa & Charlie x

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