Ready, set, GO! How to get yourself ready for running.

Not everyone enjoys running , here’s a quick guide to make running easier!

Most people who don’t enjoy running in all likelihood are just not preparing themselves properly for it, preparing isn’t just having a quick stretch before you start, its preparing your body for a new, DIFFERENT activity for maybe up to a week before you start.

If you are someone who doesn’t like running you will find if you follow these few steps to prepare properly for it then you will find the experience maybe not pleasant but invigorating! It really is a great feeling getting out there into a nice breeze with nothing powering you but your thoughts and a great pair of running shoes OBVIOUSLY!

The biggest piece of advice we could give to you is be patient and stay consistent, our bodies are built to adapt and over time we can assure you that your body will adapt!

SO, Here’s our steps to successfully preparing for running.

  1. Your body has to be fuelled properly, this does not mean very quick all hands to the pump diet changes! This is subtle changes everyday, believe us when we say that the compound effect of even the smallest of changes can lead to massive changes. You may just decide to start your day with a healthier than normal breakfast and drink more water, however what can happen here is that day you make the change you have more energy, feel more awake and this could lead to you performing better and enjoying your day at work more than normal. This can lead to a better home life and less stress, leading to much more! it all starts somewhere.
  2. Get yourself out walking in the lead up to getting started, trust us getting out in the fresh air and have that body moving will make a massive difference when you make your first strides at a faster pace.
  3. Try and complete short exercise routines 2-3 times before getting started, these can be just 10 minute sessions at home, in fact give this short blast a try to get the blood flowing. 25 jumping jacks, 25 squats and 25 side lunges. do this 3 times round and try do the set 2-3 times before starting your running, and feel free to continue this little circuit when you begin running.
  4. Our fourth bit of advice is make sure you get yourself a nice and comfortable running shoe as this is vitally important to enjoy your run.
  5. Our fifth and final piece of advice is always make sure you stretch directly before you run and warm up properly too, take just 3-4 minutes to do so and ease into your run gently.

We hope these little gems work for you guys and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for information on our local walk, jog and run club in Wishaw.

Have a great day guys!

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