Nutrition Advice

Eat for fuel, not for comfort!

We all love to indulge in certain things we enjoy eating/drinking.

That’s fine! Life is there to enjoy!

What I suggest you look out for is when you begin eating purely for the heck of it, your bored, your sad, angry or just have some spare time.

We love to play around with healthy foods, making meals, snacks and even some drinks too.

It’s almost a bit of a hobby, where we will try a few different things together just to see if it goes.


When you are putting these different foods together, have a think about how it is going to fuel your body or even what damage it could be doing to your body.

Charlie used to and still does from time to time love a drink of fizzy juice (Irn Bru and orange Fanta being his favourites), however after giving them along with McDonald’s and other fast foods a miss for a few months and seeing the benefits he felt in his body and mind!

He felt much more energy and noticed his bad skin began to clear up!

Since deciding to cut back on certain bad foods (although they do still love certain Chinese food every once and a while) Lisa and Charlie have enjoyed massive health benefits and most importantly feel more confidence in themselves and perform better in day to day life!

Here’s our top 5 list of changes to make the biggest difference:

  1. Drink water instead of fizzy drinks
  2. take your time while eating, chew your food well and start the digestion process properly.
  3. Try different foods you have never tried before
  4. Switch from crisps to thinks like oatcakes with your favourite toppings, nuts or try our favourite crisp alternative YOSHOI (crisps made from peas), they taste amazing!!
  5. drop as much sugar out of your diet as possible.

It’s the small things that make the big differences!

Hope this helps! Please pass it on to your friends and family!Lisa & Charlie (The Health Heroes)

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